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Table 1 Traditional culinary preparations based on “Klila” cheese

From: Traditional dairy products in Algeria: case of Klila cheese

Traditional culinary preparations Description
Chech h’rire (Assida bougheliya) Preparation made with fresh Klila, semolina, and cow butter
Assida essafra Egg-based preparation, cow butter, and Klila
El aiche (Berkoukess); Chekhchoukha; Berboucha Traditional pasta with Klila incorporated in red sauce with vegetables
Couscous Fresh Klila is added to the couscous steamed; it gives it a very special taste
El merdoud Variety of “berkoukess” with herbs, cooked with vegetables, pulses, and Klila especially intended for pregnant women in southern Algeria
B’ssissa or Tamina Fat and sweet preparation containing butter, honey, and almonds and/or nuts added with Klila, specially intended for women who have just given birth in order to favor the secretion of maternal milk
M’ Laoui; Kessra rekhssisse A kind of fat traditional bread. Fresh Klila is incorporated into the dough during hand kneading
El merdoukh Traditional food condiment made with dry Klila, animal fat, salted meat (khlii), spices, and peppers, made into balls, and used as flavor enhancers for traditional red pasta sauces
Ellebri Whole wheat kernels cooked with dried Klila and chickpeas
Imedghess Milk dessert obtained by a mixture of fresh Klila and fresh milk
Edhane el hor Rancid butter obtained after washing and brining fresh butter and added with Klila
Medghissa Molten cheese prepared by heating semi dry Klila and whole milk
R’fiss Traditional Algerian cake made from roasted semolina, gherss (crushed dates), butter, and Klila. It is flattened and cut in lozenges
Lehrira Thick soup with vegetables and/or pulses and Klila
Lemkartfa Fine traditional Pasta; Klila is incorporated in the sauce
Zri Zri Traditional cake made from dates, Klila powdered, “edhane el hor,” or olive oil
B’radjs Traditional Algerian cake made from semolina, cow milk, and crushed dates; Klila is incorporated to the dough and/or gherss