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Table 3 List of edible animal species available in Guasaganda, Ecuador

From: Food biodiversity includes both locally cultivated and wild food species in Guasaganda, Central Ecuador

English nameaScientific namebLocal namecFood used
Armadillo*Cabassous centralisCachicambo / ArdamilloFlesh
Small mouth fish*Ichthyoelephas humeralisBocachicoFlesh
Campeche fishNot identifiedCampeche 
CaviaCavia porcellusCuyFlesh
ChickenGallus gallus domesticusGallina / PolloFlesh
Cholia fish *Not identifiedCholiaFlesh
CowBos taurusVaca / ResFlesh, Liver
Deer *Mazama nemorivagaVenadoFlesh
DuckCairina moschata domesticaPatoFlesh
Fox *Cerdocyon thousZorroFlesh
GooseAnser AnserGansoFlesh
Guatuza *Dasyprocta punctataGuatuzaFlesh
Huajia fish *Physiculus talaraePescado HuajiaFlesh
Paca *Cuniculus pacaGuantaFlesh
PigSus domesticusChancho
Cerdo domestic
SheepOvis ariesBorrego domesticFlesh
Tachuela fish *Corydoras hastatusTachuelaFlesh
Tilapia fishTilapia mossambiqueTilapiaFlesh
TurkeyMeleagris gallopavoPavoFlesh
Old lady fishAndinocara sp.ViejaFlesh
Pampanito fishNot identifiedPampanitoFlesh
Sahino *Tayassu pecariCerdo sahinoFlesh
  1. aEnglish name used to list the food in alphabetical order.
  2. bSpecies marked with an asterisk “*” were reported as in danger of extinction.
  3. cLocal name is listed in Spanish as reported by the informants.
  4. dThe food use refers to the part of the animal that is used for food.