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Table 4 Locally wild or semi-cultivated plants with medicinal use in Guasaganda, Ecuador, that are reported elsewhere

From: Food biodiversity includes both locally cultivated and wild food species in Guasaganda, Central Ecuador

English nameaScientific name authorbLocal namecMedicinal usedNumber of responseseReferencef
BasilOcimum basilicum L.AlbahacaTo cure stomach pain4[29, 30]
Lemon grassCymbopogon citratus (DC.) StapfHierba luisaStomach pain, flatulence, relaxing5[29, 31]
MastranteLippia alba (Mill.) N.E.Br. ex Britton & P.WilsonMastranteTo heal stomach pain3[29]
GuayusaIlle guayusa Loes.GuayusaTo heal headaches and stomach pain, energising drink3[30, 32]
GuanabanaAnnona muricata L.GuanabanaTo heal fever during flue, cancer3[29]
BalmMelissa officinalis L.ToronjilTo heal stomach pain, gastritis and to relax3[29, 31]
MintMentha x piperita L.Menta/Hierba buenaTo heal headaches during cold and to relax3[29]
LemonCitrus limon (L.) OsbeckLimonAroma therapy6[32,33,34]
MandarineCitrus reticulata BlancoMandarinaAroma therapy3[33]
OrangeCitrus maxima (Burm.) Merr.NaranjaAroma therapy3[33]
GrapefruitCitrus sp. *ToronjaFor taste and aroma3[33]
ValerianValeriana officinalis L.ValerianaTo relax, to sleep better3[29, 31]
UrticaUrera sp.*OrtigaTo cure headaches, stomach pain, inflammations, relax.3[30]
UrticaUrtica sp.*Ortiga verde3[30, 35]
  1. aEnglish name used to list the food in alphabetical order
  2. bSpecies marked with an asterisk “*” were not fully identified
  3. cThe Spanish name as reported by the participants
  4. dThe medicinal use listed refers only to the use reported by participants
  5. eNumber of responses by participants about the referred medicinal plant
  6. fReferences used to confirm the reported medicinal use (see the reference list)