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Table 2 Parameter estimates for dietary knowledge equation using maximum likelihood estimates (MLE)

From: Effect of households’ dietary knowledge on local (ofada) rice consumption in southwest Nigeria

VariablesCoefficientRobust standard errorp value
Age− 0.0030.0020.104
Year of education0.0080.0140.558
Gender (female = 1)0.395***0.0570.000
Household meal determinant0.069*0.0400.089
Member on special diet1.800***0.0850.000
 Farming− 0.0570.0740.448
 Civil servant0.0580.0500.252
 Lagos− 0.0060.0500.903
 Ogun− 0.093*0.0480.055
Sources of information
 Family member0.0710.0520.169
 Health care professionals0.0730.0610.230
 Number of observations600  
F (15, 585)33.66**  
p value0.000  
  1. *, **, and *** denote significance at 10%, 5%, and 1% level, respectively