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Table 3 Parameter estimates for local (ofada) rice consumption with endogenous dietary knowledge

From: Effect of households’ dietary knowledge on local (ofada) rice consumption in southwest Nigeria

VariablesCoefficientRobust standard errorp value
Income− 4.530*2.4130.061
Household size0.1110.7430.882
Dietary knowledge3.708**1.5340.016
Year of education0.650**0.2810.021
Gender (female = 1)0.062*0.0360.085
Country of origin11.189***2.2930.000
Household meal determinant− 0.1120.8550.896
Member on special diet1.0080.7740.193
 Farming− 2.567**1.2400.038
 Civil servant− 0.5851.0030.560
 Artisan− 3.747***1.2270.002
 Ogun− 0.1690.9110.853
 Osun− 1.0701.1650.359
Sources of information
 Family member− 4.207***0.9210.000
 Associates− 2.353**1.0190.021
 Health care professionals7.479***1.6360.000
 Number of observation600  
χ2 (1)5.580**  
p value0.018  
 Wald χ2 (20)158.81***  
p value0.0000  
  1. *, **, and *** denote significance at 10%, 5%, and 1% level, respectively