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Table 2 An overview of synergistic combinations of foods

From: Nutraceutical potentials of synergic foods: a systematic review

Synergistic combinations of foodsFunctional properties of foodsSynergistic nutri-supplements
Yoghurt and bananaIncreases bioavailabilityVitamin A and vitamin E
Vitamin A and vitamin C
Vitamin A and zinc
Vitamin C and iron
Almond with skin
Lemon and green leafy vegetables
Garlic and honey
Green tea and black pepperActs as immune boostersVitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc
Lemon and green tea
Raspberry and chocolate
Garlic and honeyPrevents infectionsVitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc
Turmeric and fish
Black pepper and turmeric
Curcumin and ginger
Honey and garlicReduces chronic diseasesVitamins D and K
Calcium and selenium
Zinc and vitamin A
Garlic and fish
Tomatoes and olive oil
Onion and grape
Broccoli and tomatoes
Apple with skin
Apple and berry
Rosemary and meat
Beetroot and chick peaImproves reproductive healthMagnesium and vitamin B6
  1. A review of dietary supplementation suggests that although supplements may be beneficial in states of insufficiency, the safe middle ground for consumption likely is food. Also, food provides a buffer during absorption. The more we understand about our own biology and that of plants and animal, the better we will be able to discern the combinations of foods, rather than supplements, which best promote health