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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: Associations of post-migration dietary and physical activity behaviours with acculturation and social cognitive factors: a cross-sectional study of Australian residents born in sub-Saharan Africa

 Cultural maintenance0.907.111.63
 Cultural participation0.875.251.59
 Attitude towards fat intake0.863.061.29
 Attitude towards fruits/vegetables/fibre intake0.864.541.42
 Attitude towards physical activity0.804.241.25
Subjective norm   
 Subjective norm for fat intake0.743.901.62
 Subjective norm for fruits/vegetables/fibre intake0.714.761.62
 Subjective norm for physical activity0.724.221.51
Perceived behavioural control   
 Perceived behavioural control for fat intake0.754.721.48
 Perceived behavioural control for fruits/vegetables/fibre intake0.714.041.63
 Perceived behavioural control for physical activity0.714.291.45
 Intention for fat intake0.713.501.54
 Intention for fruits/vegetables/fibre intake0.764.291.62
 Intention for physical activity0.714.061.51
Dietary and physical activity behaviour   
 Fat intake0.8825.2521.81
 Fruits/vegetables/fibre intake0.8216.372.73
 Physical activity-178.29176.76