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Table 2 List (names) of wild edible plants used in indigenous foods, dishes, and beverages of Ramotswa village along with parts and forms used, value, food safety, taboos, market potential, seasonal availability, and perishable nature of the edible plants

From: Plant-based traditional foods and beverages of Ramotswa Village, Botswana

NoVer. N.Eng. NSci. NParts U.Forms U.Value/use K.Food Saf. C.TabooMarket P.Month. A. (Perish. N.)
1Dikgokgo UnidentifiedFruitsIF – can be consumed raw or cooked--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
2Khusubele/wild tomatoWild goose berryWithania spomniferaFruitsIF – an ingredient in relish--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
3LegabalaWild cucumberCoccinia sessilifoliaFruitsIF – can be cooked/boiled--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
4Leroplane UnidentifiedFruits and LeavesIF & ID – green leafy vegetable--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
5MabowaWild mushroomsAgaricus spWhole fruiting bodyIF – can be consumed raw or cookedNP – carbohydrate, protein and fiber-N/AHAfter rains (Pe)
6MogabaditswaneTrochomeriaTrochomeria debilisFruitsIF - fruits consumed directly--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
7MogakangwagaTrochomeriaTrochomeria debilis (Sond.) Hook.f.Fruits, tubers & (Mogabaditshwane)IB(FR) – tuber
IF – fruits
--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
8MogodiriCommon taaibos/ fire-thorned rhusRhus pyroides BurchFruitsIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
9Mogorogorwana/ MorutaCorky-bark monkey orangeStrychnos cocculoides BakerFruitsIF – Juicy pulpy fruitNP- vitamins and minerals-N/AVHAfter rains (Pe)
10MogwanaFalse brandy bushGrewia bicolor Juss.FruitsIF & IB(FR) – used to boost flavor in mogakangwaga alcoholic beverage (Khadi)NP – Vitamins and minerals-N/AHAfter rains (Pe)
11MokateWild MelonCitrullus lanatusFruitsIF – cooked before consumption.--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
12MokgaloBuffalo ThornZiziphus mucronata Willd.Fruits pulp, leaf, root, bark & seedIF – Seeds ground and eaten as powder (Sekome)MD – pastes of leaves and used to heal wounds, boils or sores. Roots are boiled and the juice is used to kill pain-N/AHPAfter rains (Du)
13MokgomphathaRough leaved raisin bushGrewia retinervis BurretFruitsIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
14MmiloWild medlaVanguera infausta Burch.Fruits pulpIFNP – carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals-N/APOctober – January (Pe)
15Mmilofatshe UnidentifiedFruitsIF  N/APAfter rains (Pe)
16Mmupudu/MompuduCommon red milkwoodMimops zeyheri Sonder.Fruits pulpIF - can be compacted and dried to preserve--N/AHOctober – January (Pe)
17Moe Berchemia zeyheriFruitsIF--N/APOctober – January (Pe)
18Mopenoeng/MolalakgakaJacket plumPappea capensis Ecklon & ZeyherFruitsIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
19Moojane UnidentifiedFruitsIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
20MoretlwaWild berryGrewia flava DC.Fruits pulpIF- berries are readily consumed IB (FR) – can be fermented to make a drink.NP – carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals-N/AHOctober – January (Pe)
21Moretologa wa kgomo/MorotologakgomoLarge sourplumXimenia caffra SonderFruits pulpIF--N/APOctober – January (Pe)
Moretologa wa pudi/MorotologapudiSmall sourplumXimenia Americana L. 
22Morobe Ehretia rigida (thumb.) DruceFruitsIF-Causes constipation if consumed in large amountsN/APAfter rains (Pe)
23MorulaMarulaScleroccaria birrea (A. Rich.) Hochst.Fruits pulp, nutsIF IB (FR)NP – carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, fats and antioxidants-N/AHOctober – January (Pe)
24MotlhatswaMilk plumEnglerophytum magalismontanumFruitsIF--N/APOctober – January (Pe)
25Phare UnidentifiedFruitsIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
26NtorokoPrickly pearOpuntia spFruitsIF--N/AHAfter rains (Pe)
27Sekgalofatshe UnidentifiedFruitsIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
28SerelediCommon kalanchoeKalanchoe rotundifoliaFruitsIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
29Motlopi/MotopiShepered’s treeBoscia albitrunca (Burch.) Gilg & BenedictFruits & rootsIF – fruits can be consumed raw IB (NF) – outer cover of roots are washed, chopped, roasted and ground to make coffee.MD – used to boost libido-N/APAfter rains (Pe)
30Mokgwara/MotlhatswamenoCat’s tailHembstaedtia odorataRootsIF – roots chewed and spat like sweet reed, can also be boiled to drink.--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
31Ntige Indigofera bainesii BakerRootsIF- consumed like sweet reed--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
32Tlodi UnidentifiedRootsIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
33Tshuge Chlorophytum sphacelatum subsp. Sphacelatum (Baker) KativuRootsIF – roots peeled and roasted--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
34BokwidiWild onionOrnithogalum tenuifoliumTubersIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
35Diphoni UnidentifiedTubersIF – boiled or roasted--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
36LeruswaMonteiro vineStomatostemma monteiroaeTubersIB (NF) – water is extracted from the tuber.--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
37RadikganeMorning gloryIpomea bolasianaTubersIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
38Serowa UnidentifiedTubersIF--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
39Thoma UnidentifiedTubersIF – tuber is consumed raw and has a pungent aroma--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
40MosukujaneLemon bushLippia scaberrimaLeavesIB(NF) – leaves can be boiled and taken as tea or added to instant teaMD – the tea can relief chest pains and treat colds-N/AVHAfter rains (Sp)
41KgomodimetsingResurrection plantMyrothamnus flabellifolius WelwLeavesIB (NF) – tea plantNP – rich in antioxidants and is herbal-N/AHAfter rains (Pe)
42Lengana Artemisia afraLeaves and rootsIB(NF) – tea plantMD – treats asthma and colds-N/AVHAfter rains (Pe)
43Leshwe/Leswe? Ceropegia rendalii?LeavesIF & ID - green leafy vegetable--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
44Moritelatshwene UnidentifiedLeavesIB(NF) – tea plantMD-N/APAfter rains (Sp)
45Mothukhwi UnidentifiedLeavesIF & ID – green leafy vegetable, bitter in taste--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
46Rammola UnidentifiedLeavesIB(NF) – leaves make teaMD – similar to mosukujane-N/APAfter rains (Sp)
47RothweSpider whispCleome gynadraLeavesIF & ID – green leafy vegetable, bitter in taste.NP – vitamins, antioxidants, iron-N/AHAfter rains (Pe)
48Seswagadi Jatropha zeyheri Sond.LeavesIB(NF) – tea plantNP – herbal-N/APAfter rains (Pe)
49Thebelefswane UnidentifiedLeavesIF & ID – green leafy vegetable, bitter in taste--N/APAfter rains (Pe)
50Thepe Amaranthus spLeaves, shoots, seedIF – leaf or shoots are cooked and consumed  N/A After rains
  1. Ver. N. vernacular name, Eng. N English name, Sci. N scientific name, Parts U. parts/forms used, IF indigenous food, ID indigenous dish, IB indigenous beverages, FR fermented, Use K. use knowledge, NP nourishment potential, MD medicinal, N/A not available, Food Saf. C. food safety challenge, Market P. market potential, VH very high, H high and P poor, Month. A. months available, Perish. N. perishable nature, Du durable, Pe perishable, Sp semi-perishable