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Table 3 List (names) of domesticated edible plants used in indigenous foods, dishes, and beverages of Ramotswa village along with parts used, value, food safety, taboos, market potential, seasonal availability, and perishable nature

From: Plant-based traditional foods and beverages of Ramotswa Village, Botswana

NoVer. N.Eng. NSci. NParts U.Forms U.Value/Use K.Food Saf. C.TabooMarket P.Month. A. (Perish. N.)
1MabeleSorghumSorghum bicolor L.GrainsIF, ID & IB(FR)NP – fiber, carbohydrate, vitamins and N/minerals-N/AVHJanuary – April (Du)
2MmidiMaizeZea mays L.GrainsIF, ID & IB(FR)NP – fiber, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals-N/AVHJanuary – April (Du)
3LebelebelePearl milletPennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.GrainsIF, ID--N/APJanuary – April (Du)
4DinawaCommon beansPhaseolus vulgaris L.Pulses/seedsIF, IDNP – proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals-N/AVHJanuary – April (Du)
5DitlooJugo beansVigna subterranean (L.) VerdcPulse/seedsIF, IDNP – proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals-N/AHJanuary – April (Du)
6LetlhodiMung beanVigna radiata (L) R. WilczekPulse/seedsIF, IDNP – protein, vitamins and minerals-N/AHJanuary – April (Du)
7Manoko/matonkomaneGroundnutsArachis hypogaea L.NutsIF- nuts are readily consumed. Also cooked with other grains to complement protein sourceNP – rich in protein and fats-N/AVHJanuary – April (Du)
8SonobolomoSunflowerHellianthus annus L.GrainsIF – Roasted and eaten as a snackNP – high in oil. Also has some minerals-N/AVHJanuary – April (Du)
9LephutshePumpkinCucurbita pepo L.PulpIFNP – carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and fiber-N/AHJanuary – April (Sp)
10MagapuWatermelonCitrullus lanatus (Thunb.) var. lanatusPulp & seedsIF & IB(FR)NP – carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals-N/AVHJanuary – April (Pe)
11MakgomaneSquash FruitIFNP – vitamins and minerals-N/AHJanuary – April (Du)
12Marotse/makatane/maowaneMelonCitrullus lanatus var. citroides (L. H. Bailey) Mansf.Pulp, seeds, rindIF, IDNP – rich in vitamins and antioxidants-N/AVHJanuary – April (Pe)
13NtšhêSweet reed (sweet sorghum)Sorghum bicolor (L.) MoenchStem reedIFNP – sugars, carbohydrates, fiber-N/AVHJanuary – April (Pe)
  1. Ver. N. vernacular name, Eng. N English name, Sci. N scientific name, Parts U. parts/forms used, IF indigenous food, ID indigenous dish, IB indigenous beverages, FR fermented, Use K. use knowledge, NP nourishment potential, Food Saf. C. food safety challenge, N/A not available, VH very high, H high and P poor, Month. A. months available, Perish. N. perishable nature, Du durable, Pe perishable, Sp semi-perishable