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Table 4 Challenges indicated concerning particular indigenous foods/dishes and beverages

From: Plant-based traditional foods and beverages of Ramotswa Village, Botswana

ChallengesIndigenous foods/dishes and beverages
Shortage due to high temperature and poor rainfall +++   + ++ +++ +  ++
Shortage of ingredients/expensive+   ++     +     +   
Not tasty as it used to be +                   
Infestation by pests +       +           
Infestation by pests such as weevils  +  +           +   
Long-time to cook, shortage of fire wood, consume energy  +++   +  +         
Infestation by mold  +         +  +     
Some people totally do not enjoy it       +             
Takes long time to prepare/long process/too much work          +++    +  +
Fermentation can be a problem in cool weather                 +   
Prolonged fermentation cause an unpleasant odor, smell and bitter taste, moldy                  +  
  1. A Leowane, B Makgomane, C beans, D Kabu/maize, E Lechotlho, F Sorghum “mosokwane,” G Leswabi, H Lengangale, I Lebutho, J Letlhodi, K Leowane, L Dikgobe, M Morogo wa Dinawa, N Bogobe Jwa Lerotse, O Legodu, P Bogobe Jwa Ting, Q Khadi, R Traditional sorghum beer, S Morula beer, T Mosukujwane tea, U Bojolwa Jwa Ila