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Table 1 Analysis of the measurement model: reflective composites

From: Gastronomic satisfaction of the tourist: empirical study in the Creative City of Popayán, Colombia

A. ConstructB. LoadingsC. AVED. CRE. Cronbach’s alpha
Cultural experience 0.7450.9360.914
To discover the taste of local food (CE1)0.840   
It offers a unique opportunity to understand the local culture (CE2)0.847   
To discover something new (CE3)0.904   
To increase my knowledge about different cultures (CE4)0.878   
To have an authentic experience (CE5)0.845   
Excitement 0.6930.9000.853
To have an authentic experience (E1)0.807   
Relaxing (E2)0.847   
Escape noise and crowds (E3)0.836   
It is different from what I usually eat (E4)0.841   
Interpersonal relations 0.7470.9220.887
To be able to transmit my experiences with the local food (IR1)0.831   
To taste the local food increases family ties and friendship (IR2)0.861   
Advise on local dining experiences other travellers (IR3)0.893   
It allows me to enjoy pleasant moments with family and/or friends (IR4)0.870   
Sensory appeal 0.7730.8870.902
Nice smell (SA1)0.899   
Good taste (SA2)0.915   
Visually attractive (SA3)0.880   
The flavour of the dish is different than what we prepare in my regions (SA4)0.819   
Health concern 0.8130.9290.885
Nutritious (HC1)0.911   
Contains a large amount of fresh ingredients produced locally (HC2)0.891   
Healthy (HC3)0.903   
Attitude towards culinary experience 0.7490.9220.887
How important is gastronomy as a motivation to travel (ICE1)0.818   
How important are the gastronomic experiences when you choose a destination for your trip (ICE2)0.899   
How important is gastronomy in the satisfaction of your trip (ICE3)0.876   
  1. (A) The different constructs analysed and the items which form each one of them. (B) Individual reliability of the indicators. (C) The measurement of discriminant validity checks if the constructs deemed not to be related are, in fact, not. (D) and (E) The measurement of internal consistency determines whether the items that measure the construct are similar in their scores
  2. All loadings of reflective composites are significant at the level of 1% based on a two-tailed test [t (0.01;10,000) = 2.577]
  3. rRelatively significant formative items
  4. aAbsolutely significant formative items