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Table 3 Evaluation of the measurement model: formative composites

From: Gastronomic satisfaction of the tourist: empirical study in the Creative City of Popayán, Colombia

 A. WeightsB. VIF
Gastronomy satisfaction
 Quality of the dishes (GS1)0.271a2.632
 Prices (GS2)− 0.0132.095
 Facilities (GS3)0.227a3.326
 Establishments environment (GS4)0.082c2.871
 Innovation and new flavours in the dishes (GS5)0.172a2.004
 Service and hospitality (GS6)0.165a2.474
 Traditional gastronomy (GS7)0.281a2.434
  1. It refers to the weighting of the indicators and their meaning allows for the understanding of the structure of each latent variable. (B) VIF, or variance inflation factor, allows for assessing the level of collinearity among variables
  2. a (c)Weights of formative composites are significant at the level of 1% (10%) based on a two-tailed test [t (0.01;10,000)  2.577]