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Table 6 Structural model (N = 615)

From: Gastronomic satisfaction of the tourist: empirical study in the Creative City of Popayán, Colombia

A. PathB. CoefficientC. t test
H1: Gastronomy motivations - > gastronomy satisfaction− 0.4250.969
H2a: Gastronomy motivations - > importance culinary experience1.05386.460a
H2b: Importance of culinary experience- > gastronomy satisfaction1.0522.420b
  1. (A) Path analysis defines the order of the dependencies among the variables of the model. (B) Variation coefficient represents the degree of relationship between the two variables in each path of variables. (C) The t test is used to determine whether there is a difference in the means of the two groups
  2. Note. Significant coefficients. ap < 0.01; bp < 0.05