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Table 8 The table below shows the representation of the summarized Luzon Island pancit cooking materials and equipment. The materials and equipment were group into five categories. The groupings were based from the fieldwork done for the research. This only shows that the diversity of pancit as a culinary heritage entity of the Island is significant. This is also based from the community’s cultural identity (conceptualized by the authors)

From: Ysla de Panciteria: a preliminary study on the culinary heritage significance of pancit using the heritage documentation approach—the case of Luzon Island, Philippines

CategoryCooking materials and equipment
Noodle making tools and equipmentKabayo, Jako, noodle presser, noodle kneading machine, liquor bottle, mixer, noodle cutter, knife
Cooking equipmentGas range, Pugon, Kalang Kahoy, wood (Gatong), rice husk (Ipa), Aromang Kahoy, flat iron
Pots, pans, and containersWok, stock pot, casserole, sautéing pan, frying pan, bowl
Measuring devicesSoup ladle, sautéing ladle, noodle ladle, tongs
Knives, hand tools, and small equipmentStrainer, grater, squeezer, mortar and pestle