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Table 1 Halal product categories according to the GSO 2055-2:2015 standard “Halal foods. Part 2: Guidelines for halal foods certification bodies”

From: The multiplicity of halal standards: a case study of application to slaughterhouses

Category code Categories Process and product
A Farming 1 (animals) Animal farming, fish farming, egg production, milk production, beekeeping, fishing, hunting
B Farming 2 (plants) Fruits, vegetables, cereals, spices, horticultural products
C Processing 1 (perishable animal products) Meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and fish products, includes animal slaughtering
D Processing 2 (perishable vegetable products) Fresh fruit, fresh juices, fresh vegetables
E Processing 3 (products with long shelf life at room temperature) Canned products, preserved vegetables, preserved fruits, biscuits, snacks, oil, drinking water, beverages, pasta, flour, sugar, salt
F Feed production Animal feed, fish feed
G Food service Hotels, restaurants