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Table 1 Recapitulation of the main research findings

From: Rendang lokan: history, symbol of cultural identity, and food adaptation of Minangkabau tribe in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Representation of rendang lokan for Minangkabau community Research findings
Rendang Lokan as a form of adaptation Rendang lokan is created because of the adaptation of the people living around the coastal areas of West Sumatra to the local natural resources and their economic conditions. The high price of beef/buffalo meat as the main ingredient of rendang challenges them to innovate and be creative in modifying rendang. Rendang, which used to be made from beef or buffalo meat, is modified by using shellfish of Geloina Erosa type that lives in mangrove areas as the main ingredient, which Minangkabau people call Lokan. Rendang lokan is a form of adaptation of the Minangkabau people to their living conditions, so that they can still enjoy rendang at a more affordable price and with high nutrition, but without losing the distinctive taste of local ethnic food as the pride of the Minangkabau community’s ancestors.
Rendang lokan and cultural identity Rendang, one of the manifestations of Minangkabau people’s cultural identity, is a marker that distinguishes them from other tribes. It is a cultural heritage that becomes a pride of Minangkabau people, passed down from generation to generation for its sustainable existence. Variations of rendang, such as rendang lokan, are evidence of the high creativity and innovation of Minangkabau people who live in coastal areas in order to maintain their cultural identity which is manifested in the form of local ethnic food. Moreover, this also proves that cultural identity can be modified along with the development of human creativity as a culture creator and user.
Rendang lokan and tourism Rendang lokan, which used to be a culinary tradition of people living in coastal areas usually served as a special dish at family celebrations and holy day celebrations, has now become a market commodity that is in high demand by tourists. The demand is quite high, making rendang lokan now easy to find in various shops selling traditional Minangkabau food souvenirs. Lokan rendang, which used to be a local food, has now become a market commodity favoured by tourists, just like beef rendang which has been well-known in the global market. In this regard, rendang lokan as the cultural identity of people living in the coastal areas of West Sumatra, which was previously created due to the adaptation process, has now become one of the sources of livelihood for the local community.
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