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Fig. 2

From: Exploring culinary heritage practices among the younger Chetti generations in Melaka

Fig. 2

Source: Durai [5]

Chetti culinary staples, clockwise from top right: timun cili cuka (cucumbers with chillies and dried prawns relish), cencaluk (preserved krill), urap kulit timun (a mixture of cucumber skin, bilimbi, roasted grated coconut, and dried krill), ikan goreng (Chetti-style fried fish flavored with turmeric and chili paste), pindang nenas udang (prawn with pineapple in creamy and spicy coconut milk), sambal telur belimbing (wolf herring fish roes with bilimbi sambal), and pindang ikan (wolf herring fish cooked in creamy and spicy coconut milk) (centre).

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