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Fig. 8

From: Exploring culinary heritage practices among the younger Chetti generations in Melaka

Fig. 8

Source: authors

Bhogi Parchu food offering arrangement on banana leaf observed at a Chetti family house during Bhogi Parachu, clockwise from top centre: lauk pindang, sambal telur ikan parang masak belimbing, terung ikan masin, chicken curry, mutton curry, spiced fried chicken, roasted chicken, fried prawn, kacang goreng minyak, betik muda masak lemak (young papaya cooked in coconut milk), timun santan. Top-left side: timun cili cuka (pickled stuffed chili) and acar rampai (pickled vegetable strips). Middle: nasi lemak topped with fresh spring onion, white radish, cucumber slices, pineapple, and salted duck egg.

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