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Table 2 List of food items served as offerings during Bhogi Parachu.

From: Exploring culinary heritage practices among the younger Chetti generations in Melaka

No Item No Item No Item
1 Nasi lemak (coconut steamed rice) 8 Fried fish 15 Fried chicken
2 Lauk pindang 9 Mutton curry 16 Fried mutton
3 Fried prawns 10 Chicken curry 17 Pickled vegetables
4 Timun santan (cucumber in coconut milk) 11 Terung ikan masin (brinjal and salted fish curry) 18 Kangkung belacan (water spinach with shrimp paste)
5 Kacang goreng minyak (Long beans vegetable dish) 12 Sayur kacang buncis (French beans vegetable dish) 19 Sayur kobis (cabbage vegetable dish)
6 Sambal telur ikan parang masak belimbing (wolf herring fish roe sambal with bilimbi) 13 Gresik (fried shrimps and desiccated coconut mixed with chopped cucumbers, onion, and bilimbi) 20 Fresh pineapple, decoratively cut
7 Fresh radish, decoratively cut 14 Fresh spring onion 21 Salted egg