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Table 3 The percentage share of different cost components associated with the cost of production of 1 L of buffalo milk in different buffalo production systems in Sri Lanka

From: Traditional Sri Lankan fermented buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) milk gel (Meekiri): technology, microbiology and quality characteristics

Locality Ratnapura (wet zone) [59] Bingiriya, Pannala and Kuliyapitiya (coconut triangle) [20] Seethawakapura (peri-urban) [25]
Labour cost 44% 15% 35.33%
Feeding cost 41.7% 47% 46.61%
Depreciation of initial investment 3.1% NA 7.85%
Cost of veterinary services 3.2% 3% 10.2
Costs of death and losses 4.9% NA NA
Breeding and miscellaneous costs 3.0% 38%a NA
  1. NA not available
  2. aCosts of housing, equipment, services, insurance, transport and animals