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Table 2 Characteristics of the races and maize processing in the study regions

From: Nixtamal techniques for different maize races prepared as tortillas and tostadas by women of Chiapas, Mexico

Maize Region
Metropolitana Comiteca Altos
Most common race Tuxpeño Comiteco Oloton
Other races available or known Olotillo Oloton and Tuxpeño Tuxpeño
Favorite maize colors Yellow Yellow White and yellow
Boiling time common nixtamal for tortilla, range (min) 35–65 60–85 45–110
Preferred race for tortilla Tuxpeño Comiteco Oloton
Time steeping for nixtamal, range (h) 1 12–16 12–16
Double boiling for the preparing tostadas, range (min) Not practiced 70–90 80–270
Preferred race for tostadas Tuxpeño Comiteco Tuxpeño
Women that practice double boiling for tostadas (%) Not practiced 29 85