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Table 1 A list of common traditional Greek Pontic cuisine food products

From: Pontic Greek cuisine: the most common foods, ingredients, and dishes presented in cookbooks and folklore literature

Food groups Product name Description
Milk products   
  Tan A by-product of butter extraction; a popular fermented beverage
  Yliston Strained yoghurt with a sour taste
  Paskitan Skimmed salty yoghurt
Cheese Products   
  Tsokalik Soft cheese with a pleasant sour taste, lightly salted
  Tsortan Hard cheese with sour taste
  Koloth Cheese like gruyere
  Mintzin A whey cheese
Meat products   
  Kavourmas Sautéed cured beef in its own fat
  Pastourmas A highly seasoned, air-dried cured meat
  Soutzouki A dried fermented sausage
Fruit products   
  Pekmez Fruit molasses
Grain products   
  Pligouri A cleaned, cooked, dried, cracked, wheat
  Korkota Coarsely ground grains
  Fourniko alevri Baked-roasted corn flour
Pasta products   
  Makarina Dried homemade pasta
  Evriste Sheeted and cut dough that has been pre-baked
  Fyllota Round pre-baked thin sheets of dough made with flour, water, and salt
Vegetable products   
  Home-dried vegetables Salads were made with dried wild edible greens, such as avloukia (Rumex Pantientia), and other dried vegetables
  Stypa Pickled vegetables (white cabbage, kale, eggplants, cucumbers, green beans)
Fish products   
  Pasta chapsia Salt-cured anchovies