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Table 2 A list of main traditional Greek Pontic cuisine dishes

From: Pontic Greek cuisine: the most common foods, ingredients, and dishes presented in cookbooks and folklore literature

Type of dish Usual name Description
Soups, broths, and porridges   
  Tanosourvin Soup with tan
  Paskitanomalezon Soup with paskitan and flour
  Tanomenon sorva Soup with korkota, paskitan, and mint
  Tyroklosti Porridge with cheese, butter, and corn flour
  Hasil Dish made by cooking wheat flour in water and pouring over it butter, milk, honey, sugar, or fruit broth
  Chavitz Thick porridge meal with butter or milk cream and roasted corn flour
  Pousintia Thick porridge made from roasted barley flour (Butter, honey or molasses were added to the middle of this porridge)
  Malez A flour soup with butter and garlic or onions
  Portz Broth using beef and numerous vegetables (Borscht) (Russian origin)
Egg dishes   
  Foustoron An omelet with butter
  Melofoustouron An omelet with honey
  Felia Alike French toast with butter, milk, cinnamon, and honey or sugar
Dairy dishes   
  Papara A plain dish with yoghurt or milk combined with bread bites
  Paskitanofaei Dish with paskitan, tan, flour, and onion
Vegetable dishes   
  Mavrolachana me fasoulia or goulia Kale with beans
  Lachanontolmades Kale leaves stuffed with minced meat
  Kologkythomalezon Porridge with mashed pumpkin and corn flour
  Galatogkolokython Pumpkin cooked with milk
  Maposourv Soup with white cabbage and korkota
  Porania Beet greens cooked with butte and garlic, and topped with yoghurt
Grain dishes   
  Chapsopilafon Pilaf with anchovies
  Sarmades Rolls of kale leaves stuffed with bulgur
  Vrasti Pilaf with a variety of wild edible greens
  Tzoumour Delicacy with breads crumbs and butter
  Vrastarin Breadcrumbs with hot water, butter, and onion
  Trimman Dish with small crumbs of dough, cooked with butter and onions
Pasta and Dough   
  Siron A pre-baked filo-based pastry dish with browned butter and smashed garlic poured over it
  Pisia Pancakes with butter accompanied by either sugar or honey
  Diamesia Pie with green vegetables
  Psathyria Bread made of butter
  Tzirichta A type of donuts
  Perek Pie made by fyllota with cheese (mintzin)
  Varenika Dough pockets (equivalent to ravioli) with spicy filling (cheese or minced meat, onions, black pepper, and parsley) (Russian origin)
  Piroshki Fried yeast dough buns with filling (potato or cheese or minced meat) (Russian origin)
Meat dishes   
  Kioftedes Fried meatballs
  Keskek Chicken combined with wheat or barley stew
Fish dishes   
  Chapsopita Pie with anchovies
  Chapsoplakin Anchovies cooked with various vegetables
  Chapsofoustron Omelet with anchovies
Legume and pulse dishes   
  Fasoulotiganon Omelet with beans
  Fasoulosirv Soup with korkota and beans
Desserts and sweets   
  Pourmas Rolled baklava (A buttery, sweet pastry with layers of nuts and syrup and crunchy phyllo)
  Tsorekin Buns with butter and sugar
  Chosaf A compote of dried fruits
  Kollyva A sweet memorial dish prepared with boiled wheat, raisins, nuts, and sugar