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Table 1 Social characteristics of women who produce and sell handmade tortillas at the marketplaces of Ixtlahuaca

From: Gender inequalities in the sale of handmade corn tortillas in central Mexican markets: before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

Characteristic La Placita Travelling Tianguis Municipality market
Total women interviewed in 2018 16 12 8
Ethnic affiliation Speaker of Jñatjo-Mazahua language Passive user of Jñatjo-Mazahua language (understands it, but does not speak it) Of Jñatjo-Mazahua origin, but neither speaks nor understands the language
Age range 33–73 30–57 23–51
Average age (years) 57.5 41 38.3
Marital status In a relationship 14 In a relationship 7 In a relationship 4
Widowed 2 Single/divorced parent 4 Single/divorced parent 3
Widowed 1 Widowed 1
Levels of educationa Without education or incomplete primary school 11 Primary school 8 Primary school 2
Primary school 2 Lower secondary school 3 Lower secondary school 5
Lower secondary school 3 High school 1 High school 1
Family life cycle Empty nest (no dependent children at home) Consolidation, with children between 3 and 17 years old. No childcare support Consolidation, with children between 3 and 17 years old, with childcare support
  1. aIn Mexico, on average, 6 years are studied in primary school, 3 years in secondary and, 3 years in high school