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Table 1 List of scientific and native names of material offerings

From: Traditional ecological knowledge on the slope of Mount Lawu, Indonesia: all about non-rice food security

Scientific name Native name Utilization
Zea mays jagung Jagung ‘corn’ for making corn rice and cakes. The process is as follows: the cornstarch is mixed with shredded coconut and a little bit of salt, then kneaded, before steaming for 30 min. The dough is then split into 2 parts. One part is steamed for another 30 min to make corn rice. To make the tumpeng ‘the cone-shaped yellow rice’, the corn rice can be moulded into a cone shape. To make the cakes, the dough can be molded into multiple shapes (gandik, lingga, human statues, etc.), to be steamed again for another 30–45 min
Midrib pelepah The pelepah ‘banana midrib’ for making the encek ‘tray’. The making process is as follows: The midrib is shaped into rectangles which are connected by sticks made from bamboo (Bambuseae). The top part is then covered with banana leaf (Leaf blade) as a lining
Glycine max kedelai Soy is used to make tempeh and bongko. The process of making tempeh is as follows: soy is washed and soaked for one night, peeled, steamed for 45 min, and then fermented for 2 to 3 days. As for bongko, black soy is used. The black soy is soaked for 1 night, mashed, seasoned, wrapped with banana leaf, and then steamed for 30 min
Musa ares The part of the banana plant used is ares ‘the innermost part of the banana trunk’. The making process is as follows: ares is cut into cubes, boiled for 30 min, seasoned, wrapped with banana leaf, and steamed for 30 min
Artocarpus camansi kluwih The kluwih fruit is used to make lodeh dish 'coconut milk vegetable dish'. The following is the process making: peel the fruit, cut it into cubes, boil, give seasoning, and mix with coconut milk
Lpomoea batatas ubi Ubi ‘sweet potatoes’ are used to make kolak ubi (sweet potatoes with coconut milk) and boiled sweet potatoes. The process of making kolak ubi is as follows: cut sweet potatoes into cubes, boil, and then mixwith coconut milk. The process of making boiled sweet potatoes is as follows: the clean sweet potatoes and then steam them