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Table 3 Ethnomedicinal uses of S. androgynus across different countries

From: Sauropus androgynus (L.) Merr.: a multipurpose plant with multiple uses in traditional ethnic culinary and ethnomedicinal preparations

Country/state/region/district Common name Part(s) used Ethnomedicinal use(s) Mode of usage Reference(s)
Indonesia Katuk Leaves Uterotonic agent Fresh leaves and roots [20]
Febrifuge Leaves are blended, then put on the head [100]
Cough Leaf extract is mixed with kencur (Kaempferia galanga L.) water and then drunk [100]
Kayu manis, daun katuk, katuk Leaves Heartburn, and for cleaning the blood Leaf decoction [101]
Malaysia Sayur Manis Root Fever and urinary bladder complaints Root decoction [20]
India Star gooseberry, Chinese soppu Root Diarrhea Root powder [102]
Thailand Phak wan ban Root, leaf Aphthous ulcer Boiling to drink [103]
China Shu zi cai Leaf Cough Leaf extract [20]
Vietnam phac ot Leaf, stem and root fever   [104]