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Table 4 Ethnomedicinal uses of S. androgynus in different parts/states of India

From: Sauropus androgynus (L.) Merr.: a multipurpose plant with multiple uses in traditional ethnic culinary and ethnomedicinal preparations

States Tribal/ community/ sub area Common name Part(s) used Ethnomedicinal use(s) References
Andaman & Nicobar Islands   Chakarmani Leaf Vision and skin problems [55, 76]
Assam Sonowal Kacharis Bari sundari Root Tongue ailment (Appearance of white layer on the tongue of children) [55, 105]
Karnataka   Chakrani beru, Chinese soppu Root Maceration of root with lemon juice and then applied on the bite (snake bite) [55, 106]
  Soliga tribes Chikrumani Stem, leaves Used to treat diabetes, inflammations and cough [55, 106]
Kerala Muthuvan tribes of Idukki district Malay cheera, elacheera Whole plant Increase lactation [55, 107]
Tamil Nadu Thavasi Murungai Thavasi murungai Root Decoctions for treating urinary complaints [55, 108]
Arunachal Pradesh Adi- Minyong tribe Woein Leaves Leaf decoctions for revitalizing agents, cooked as vegetables [109]
Mizoram Mizos Midum-an Leaves Revitalizing agent [110]