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Table 1 List of synergic food supplements and its benefits of human health

From: Nutraceutical potentials of synergic foods: a systematic review

S. numberCombination of nutrient supplementsEffects on human health
1Calcium and vitamin DPrevention of colorectal neoplasia [42], lowered risk of fracture [43]
2Vitamin A, vitamin A plus zinc, and multiple micronutrientsImproves anemia [44]
3Extra virgin olive oil and apple-enriched dark chocolateImproves endothelial function [45]
4Vitamins D and KIncreased bone mineral density, improves cardiovascular health, beneficial effects on endocrine and oxidative stress [46]
Calcium and seleniumReduces risk of prostate, lung, and colorectal cancer [47]
5Zinc and vitamin AImproves vitamin A status [48], decrease the risk of non-ardia stomach cancer [48]
6Magnesium and vitamin B6Relieves anxiety-related problems in premenopausal women [42]
7Vitamins C and D and zincImproves immune functions and prevents infections [49]
8Vitamin A and vitamin EEnhances vitamin A intestinal absorption, increased antioxidant capabilities, protect against some forms of cancer, and support a healthier gut [50, 51]
9Vitamin A and ironIncreases the bioavailability of pro-vitamin A carotenoids, including alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin [52]; increases iron absorption, especially non-heme iron [53]; reverse iron deficiency anemia [54]