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Table 2 Evaluation of discriminant validity

From: Gastronomic satisfaction of the tourist: empirical study in the Creative City of Popayán, Colombia

A. Construct(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)
Cultural experience (1)1      
Excitement (2)0.9141     
Health concern (3)0.7420.7911    
Importance culinary experience (4)0.6410.5940.5611   
Interpersonal relations (5)0.8480.8960.8160.6291  
Satisfaction (6)0.7920.7480.7130.6240.7401 
Sensory appeal (7)0.8440.8590.8850.5830.8990.791
  1. (A) Indicates how different a specific construct is from other ones. For this, the relationship between each pair of constructs is presented