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Table 4 Weights significance. Testing results second-order formative composite (first-order reflective composite)

From: Gastronomic satisfaction of the tourist: empirical study in the Creative City of Popayán, Colombia

 A. WeightsB. VIFC. t valueD. Significance (p value)
Gastronomy motivations
 Cultural experience0.186a3.5606.4920.000
 Health concern0.097a2.3514.1610.000
 Interpersonal relations0.058b3.4112.2510.024
 Sensory appeal0.764a1.53933.9630.000
  1. (A) The weightings of the indicators and their meaning allow for the understanding of the structure of each latent variable. (B) VIF, or the variance inflation factor, allows for the assessment of the level of collinearity among variables. (C) and (D) t value and p value are used to determine whether there is a difference between the means of the two groups, assuming a specific level of probability
  2. a (b)Weights of formative composites are significant at the level of 1% (5%) based on a two-tailed test [t (0.01;10,000) = 2.577]