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Table 3 The table below shows the summary of the regions and its corresponding number of pancit dishes in Luzon Island. The greatest number of pancit dishes came from the National Capital Region (NCR). The second highest number came from CaLaBaRzon region with 23 pancit dishes. The lowest number of pancit dishes came from the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) with one pancit dish. All figures were based from the conducted research fieldwork. (conceptualized by the authors)

From: Ysla de Panciteria: a preliminary study on the culinary heritage significance of pancit using the heritage documentation approach—the case of Luzon Island, Philippines

Regions in LuzonNumber of pancit
Region 1: Ilocos Region/Ilocandia4
Region 2: Cagayan Valley/Northern Philippines4
Region CAR: Cordillera Administrative Region1
Region 3: Central Luzon14
Region NCR: National Capital Region45
Region 4A: CaLaBaRzon23
Region 4B: MiMaRoPa4
Region 5: Bicol Region/Bicolandia6