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Table 5 The ten most common food products and staple foods in the publications

From: Pontic Greek cuisine: the most common foods, ingredients, and dishes presented in cookbooks and folklore literature

No Name of food products Name of foods
1 Pligouri (Bulgur) Fasoulia (Beans)
2 Korkota (Coarsely ground grains) Chapsia (Anchovies)
3 Makarina (Handmade dried pasta) Mavrolachana (Kale)
4 Paskitan (Highly concentrated salty yoghurt) Patates (Potatoes)
5 Voutoron or Vouturon (Cow Butter) Kinteata (Nettle)
6 Kavourma (Sautéed meat dish) Kochlidia (Snails)
7 Stypa (Pickles) Lachana (White cabbage)
8 Tsortan (Dry myzithra) Melitzanes (Eggplant)
9 Evriste (Pre-baked pasta) Kreas (Meat)
10 Trachanas (A fermented cereal food) Avloukia (Sorrel)