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Table 1 Main topic addressed during the interviews. The trigger questions were especially taken up and discussed by indigenous women from the Totonac and Nahua groups

From: Looking into the past to build the future: food, memory, and identity in the indigenous societies of Puebla, Mexico

Trigger questions in interviews Totonac woman (n = 5) Nahua woman (n = 3) Totonac man (n = 3) Nahua man (n = 2)
History Transmission of local knowledge Culture-nature relationship in ethnicity Traditional medicine and the use of wild plants Ethnic nursing treatments
System of belief, values, and traditions The community's past Worldview in the context of edible plants Deities in the ethnic group Community in the past and present
Traditional foods Identification of edible plants and their preparation Rescue of biocultural memory and ceremonial foods Location and management of edible plants Management of edible plants
Context in pandemic COVID-19 Revaluing the territory Plants associated with nutrition and health Revalorization of the biocultural food memory Food memory in the ethnic group