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Table 1 Traditional food systems that are based on the S. androgynus

From: Sauropus androgynus (L.) Merr.: a multipurpose plant with multiple uses in traditional ethnic culinary and ethnomedicinal preparations

Country/State/Region/Tribal/indigenous community Part used and mode of preparation Reference(s)
S. androgynus
Natives of Ilocos Norte, Palawan and South Central Mindanao-Philippines Young leaves and shoots are cooked [37]
Indigenous community in the Solomon Islands, northern Australia Curry is prepared from their leaves [57]
Villagers of Mekong Delta, Vietnam Consumed as leafy vegetables [38]
Throughout Thailand Shoot, fruits and leaves are eaten raw and cooked. Soup is also prepared [7]
Malaysia Leaves are eaten raw and sometimes included in salads also [33]
Karbi tribes in Assam, India Curry is made with leaves [58]
Muthuvan tribes In Kerala, India Tender leaves are cooked and consumed [34]
S. macranthus
Southeast Asian countries Leaves and mericarp are consumed [7]
S. rhamnoside
Thailand Fruits and leaves are consumed [7]
S. thorelii
Endemic to Laos Leaves are cooked and consumed [7]
S. spatulifolius
South China
Guangdong region
Herbal tea is prepared with an aqueous decoction of the whole plant [59]