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Table 1 Questionnaire and qualitative research indicators

From: The synergy between food and agri-food suppliers, and the restaurant sector in the World Heritage City of Córdoba (Spain)

Main subject blocks (Suppliers) Indicators
Agri-food produce supplied to restaurants Local origin, production types, artisanal/traditional qualities, material and immaterial values
Product quality certificates or awards Designations of origin, geographical indicators, etc
Restaurants supplied Commercial types and orientation, consumption of local, certified produce, level of gastronomic skill
Opinions on their current commercial attitude Sales’ volume, potentialities and demand for local products, future perspectives, professional and personal relations with restaurants, degree of collaboration
Type of restaurant demand of agri-food products Products, inclusion in menus, seasonality of sales and produce etc
Main subject blocks (Restaurants) Indicators
Agri-food produce used Origin, types, qualities, quality certificates or awards, singularities and characteristics, influence of demand on choice
Suppliers normally used Types, business structure, wholesaler, retailer, commercial and professional relations, degree of collaboration
Menus and dishes Quality and variety, characteristics, inclusion of traditional products and recipes, prices, behaviour of demand in consumption, type of cuisine, material and immaterial values
Commercial activity Current volume and perspectives, incidence in local development of gastronomic tourism. Difficulties and problem
  1. Source: Authors’ own data