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Table 2 Questionnaire on oral history and legendries of the Himalayan fermented foods and fermented alcoholic beverages

From: Dietary culture and antiquity of the Himalayan fermented foods and alcoholic fermented beverages

I. General information
1. Identification number: 2. Name of interviewee:
3. Ethnic group: 4. Name of village, district, state and country:
II. Information on oral history of fermented foods
1. How did you learn the traditional methods of preparation of fermented foods? From your mothers/grandmothers/fathers/grandfathers/village elders?
2. In your knowledge how long this traditional method of fermented foods at your home being practised in your family history? Tentative year?
3. Have you heard of any oral history about the present fermented foods? If so, what and from whom?
4. Do you have any written historical documents/monographs/monuments/relics, etc., if so in which language?
5. Do you have any taboo to prepare/consume the fermented products you mentioned? Yes/No
6. If yes, provide details:
7. Do you perform any ritual or worship any particular god(s) or goddess(es) with fermented products, you consume? Yes/No
8. If yes, provide details:
9. Do you think that fermented products, which you have mentioned, have medicinal value(s) or play a role in promoting health?